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New Orleans Ceramic Protection Services

Ceramic Coating | PPF | Tint

We use the industries highest rated ceramic coating products on your vehicle. We are certified and experienced with Ceramic Pro installations to ensure you get the maximum result.

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Ceramic Coating

Ultimate Protection

We offer a variety of ceramic coating packages for different lengths of long lasting protection for your vehicle's exterior and interior.

Ceramic Pro PPF

Paint Protection Film

Enhance your vehicle with a powerful, protective, and self-healing protection film that can be applied to bumpers and entire vehicles.

Ceramic Tint

Block Out Sunlight

Quality window tint means quality results. You can expect to block out more UV rays, protecting your surfaces and your skin while driving.


Ceramic Pro Certified

Ceramic Coating Packages

Package Protection Length Price
Sports Package 1 Year $300 +
Bronze Package 2 Years $1150 +
Silver Package 5 Years $1490 +
Gold Package 10 Years $1690 +
Interior Package 1 Year $449 +
Dealership Request 1 Year $300

Mercedes Detailed by Platinum Shine Mobile

Ceramic Pro is the #1 surface protection coating that has a variety of formulas with nano-technology for specialized use. Platinum Shine Mobile will install Ceramic Pro on your vehicle's surface, providing a professional and hassle-free experience.

Enhanced Protection

Paint Protection film

Package Price
Front Bumper $750 - $1250
Full Front $1150 - $1450
Whole Vehicle $4500 - $8500

Corvette Protected by Platinum Shine Mobile

Block Out Sunlight

Ceramic Window Tint

Package Price
Front Windows $250 +

Better than your average window tint, ceramic tint blocks out more UV rays, lasts longer, and protects your surfaces, your passengers, and you from too much sun exposure.

Denali Tinted by Platinum Shine Mobile

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